Alternative Metal from Krefeld/ Germany. Powerful genre mix with sociocritical attitude.

Debut Digipack „Bombs Of Affection“ will be released in march 2020

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Started as a studio project, Killing a Lion dived into a challenging recording phase lasting from 2017 to mid 2019 providing a marvellous result justifying all efforts: Bombs of Affection is to be released by BoersmaRecords in may 2020.
Lyrically the debut album, which has been produced by Thorsten Marach and mastered by Carsten Schmidt (Ezy Soundz) complains about the imbalance of powers and an alarming lack of empathy among the nations of our time beeing.
Soundwise the four musicians create walls to have the audience bang their heads against. Stringmen Christian Surkamp and Peter Höttges (both ex :NEW DAMAGE) rely on groovy to tight’n‘tough metal riffing, dropped guitars and unconventional 6-string-bass play. Volker Lentzen‘s (CAUSTIC BLOOD) drumming includes spheric parts as well as staccato revelations enforcing the acoustic aggressiveness of the band. Catchy hooklines and ambitious harmonization performed by vocalist Jörg „Heavy“ Imhof (ex SPOILER-Rheinland) complete the mosaic. His vocals vary between grungy melodic parts and thrashy shouts, occasionally distorted by a megaphone creating a characteristical recognition factor. Using click tracks and live samples, the guys don’t hesitate to combine extrinsical sound impacts with genre digressions as e.g. Reggae or Funk elements.

Let us invite you to a diversified experience!

K a L played opening slots for bands like Pro-Pain (NYHC), Ignition (Power/ Thrash Metal) and The Butcher Sisters (Cross Over HC) already convincing audiences with diverse preferences!
The four lions proudly look forward to bring Bombs of Affection to clubs and festivals
and to spread their message among the living.

Jörg (Heavy) Imhof (Vocals)
Christian Surkamp (Guitar)
Peter Höttges (Bass)
Volker Lentzen (Drum) 

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